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Water Emergency: If you have a water emergency, call the Water Billing Office at 330-689-2889, Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.
If you have a water emergency after work hours, call 330-689-5700.

New Online Payment Vendor, Effective February 1, 2018

The City of Stow Water Billing Department is in the process of changing vendors and updating the software that is used by customers to pay their water bills online. The new vendor the City has chosen will provide increased security, ease of use and efficiency and customers can access the site using the same user-id and password used previously. The fee to pay with a credit card both online and in person is 2.5% with no transaction fee.


Effective with the October 2016 billing, the City’s monthly storm water utility fee will be raised from $3.00 per single family residence to $5.00. The fee for all non-single family residences as well as commercial and business customers will be increased in the same proportion (percentage) as the increase for single family customers. (The fee for these customers is based on the amount of impervious surface on their property.)

The original fee of $3.00 per single family residence was enacted by Stow City Council in 2004 and has not been increased since then. The fee is being increased to $5.00 to provide new funding to undertake many additional neighborhood and community storm water projects that need to be completed in Stow.  Two separate public hearings were held in the City Council chambers to receive input and comments from the residents of Stow regarding the potential rate increase. It was approved at the Council meeting on 9/8/2016.

Fixed Income/Disabled Citizens Discount:
To be eligible for the Fixed Income/Disabled Citizen Discount, a property owner must be 65 years old (requiring a copy of a birth certificate and/or a drivers license), anytime in the year of filing or permanently and totally disabled, (requiring a medical signature), as of January 1 of the filing year. For more information including the application, click here

The Water Department was created in November of 2001 after acquiring the water lines from Summit County and consists of two areas which are Water Billing and Water Distribution.  Under the direction of the Finance Director, John Baranek, the Water Billing department is responsible for billing, collecting and customer service to over 10,000 customers.  The Water Distribution Department, under direction of the Service Director, Nick Wren,  is responsible for maintaining, and repairing the water lines,

Water Rates:
The Stow Water Billing Department bills Stow water customers monthly for their water usage. Water consumption is currently billed at $3.49 per 100 cubic feet with an administrative flat fee of $2.43 per month.

Water Billing
Phone: 330-689-2889
Fax: 330 689-2847
Hours: Monday- Friday,
8:00 am – 4:30 pm