Leaf Collection
For information on our seasonal leaf pick up program, click here

Brush Drop Off
The City of Stow provides a convenient location for STOW residents to drop off their brush yard waste that is the result of yard work done in their own yards. Periodically, this material is ground up by the City and made available to residents as a mulch-type material. The material is also used on City grounds. This program reduces the amount of waste that goes to the landfill. For more information, click here.

Recycling for Trees
For information regarding tree recycling, click here

For additional information about recycling, visit Summit Reworks.

Trash Collection

Kimble Company was selected by the City as the lowest qualified bidder to provide residential curbside trash and recycling collection for the residents of Stow. This arrangement provides uniformity of service, and reduces truck traffic on City streets. The current contract began September 2014

Kimble Company, Phone: 1-800-201-0005

Kimble’s Cart Program for Containing your Trash and Recyclables
If you are a current customer of Kimble, you need to know about their ENHANCED program for all Stow customers. They have distributed recycling carts and trash carts to each customer’s residence. Read about Kimble’s Cart program.

Kimble Collection Service Options
(Includes Recycling)

Rates Effective 9/1/19:

Curbside Refuse & Recycling Pick-up  $19.05 per month
Curbside Refuse & Recycling Set Back Pick-up: $39.35 per month
Single Bag Service: $4.00 per month  + $4.00 per bag

Kimble Add-On Services:
Bulk Items

Rates Effective 9/1/19:

Without Freon  (For a list of bulk items, click here):  $45.00 each
With Freon  (For a list of bulk items, click here) :  $100.00 each

**BULK ITEMS REMINDER: THE CITY OF STOW CONTRACT ALLOWS CUSTOMERS TO PLACE TWO BULK ITEMS OUT PER WEEK. A FEE OF $45 WILL BE CHARGED FOR EACH ADDITIONAL ITEM. Please contact us with any questions or concerns via Live Chat, e-mail at customerservice@kimblecompanies.com or
by phone at 1-800-201-0005. Visit our website at www.kimblecompanies.com to enroll in Paperless Billing and Online Bill Pay!

If you do not wish to subscribe to Kimble’s service, you are required per the City of Stow to notify Kimble in writing of your intent to contract with another waste collection service that is licensed by the City of Stow and “OPT-OUT” of the City’s preferred service. This notification can be done by checking “OPT-OUT” on the “Sign Up Card” and placing it in the mail. If you DO NOT opt out, you will automatically be included in the is new program with Kimble Company. If you have questions, call 1-800-201-0005.

FALL DATES: Monday, October 14, 2019 thru Saturday, November 23, 2019.

In order to enhance the City’s recycling program, Kimble’s service includes a 6-week program in the fall when bagged leaves will be collected separately from refuse and composted by Kimble. Through Kimble’s program, the leaves will be collected ONLY in biodegradable paper bags which are available from local retailers. Collection will occur once weekly for six weeks, on the same day as your refuse collection. You will be notified when the six week program begins.

The benefit to the bagged leaf program is that residents do not have to wait for the City’s program to get rid of their leaves. The leaves can be bagged (in biodegradable paper bags) and set out on the curb on your regular refuse collection day. This 6-week program is IN ADDITION to the City’s Curbside Residential Leaf Collection Program. The City of Stow will continue to provide leaf pick-up as it has in the past.

SPRING DATES: Monday, April 22nd thru Saturday, June 1st, 2019.

In order to enhance the City’s recycling program, Kimble’s service includes a 6-week program in the late Spring and early Summer. Bagged yard waste will be collected separately from refuse and composted by Kimble. Through Kimble’s program, the yard waste will be collected ONLY in biodegradable paper bags which are available from local retailers. Collection will occur once weekly for six weeks, on the same day as your refuse collection.

All residents will receive a 65 gallon cart from Kimble, to store recyclables which will be picked up weekly on the same day as refuse collection. Please place the following recyclable items in the cart:

1. Newsprint
2. Aluminum, bi-metal and steel cans
3. Plastic #1 through #7
4. Corrugated cardboard
5. Glass bottles/jars
6. Magazines
7. Junk mail

Who should I call if I have a question or concern about my service?
You should call Kimble at 1-800-201-0005 if you have signed up for their service.

Who will I receive my bill for service from?
Kimble will bill you on a quarterly basis for the service & level you have selected.

What is a 95 gallon cart?
A cart is the new option that is supplied by Kimble for your refuse. It has a durable polyethylene construction and includes two wheels for ease of portability. It withstands subzero cold and extreme summer heat. Hinged lid keeps rain and animals out.

Can I use my current trash container or plastic trash bags?
Yes, you may use your existing metal or plastic trash cans (no 55 gallon drums) or plastic bags.

What is “setback service”?
To accommodate residents who for some reason are unable to place their refuse & recyclables at curbside, an additional service and fee are available for collection at an exterior location of the residence that is not more than 150 feet from curbside.

What is “Single Bag” Service?
To accommodate residents who are small volume generators of refuse, an option is available at a low monthly base fee. The resident will then purchase plastic bags THAT ARE DESIGNATED FOR THIS PROGRAM from Kimble. A minimum of ten (10) bags must be purchased every six (6) months.

Will collection take place on Holidays? Kimble Company will not pick up on the following holidays: New Years Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day

 If you decide to OPT OUT of the City’s preferred hauler, you must contract individually with another STOW licensed waste hauler to obtain services. Both recycling and trash collection services are provided by the hauler for one cost on a per-month basis.

Licensed Waste Haulers : Please contact these companies directly to gain information about their services and rates.  For a list of licensed trash haulers, click here

Your Collection Day: Residential waste and recycling is picked up on specific days of the week based upon the district in which you live. Your current waste hauler should inform you of your pickup day.

Curbside Recycling: Licensed Waste Haulers must provide residential curbside collection in the City of Stow for Stow residents, and must accept the following recyclable items , at a minimum, from their customers as part of their curbside recycling program:

  • Newsprint
  • Aluminum and steel cans
  • Plastic #1 and plastic #2

Please check with your hauler regarding their procedures for:

  • What type of recycle container or bag to use?
  • How to prepare materials for collection?
  • What other items, in addition to the minimum, are collected?
  • What day of the week is collection day?