An Abundance of beautiful parks!

Stow is blessed with an abundance of beautiful parks, for residents to enjoy throughout the year. 410 acres of parkland include 6 neighborhood parks and 4 community parks with amenities including:

Playgrounds  *  Soccer fields  *  Open play areas  *  Baseball fields  *  Tennis courts  * Basketball courts  *  Campground  *  Dog park  *  Skate park  *  Bike & hike trails  *  Picnic areas  *  Fishing lake  *  Rental shelters  *  Rental facilities  *  Arboretum

This park has a variety of facilities which include the Rotary sponsored Skate Park, baseball fields, soccer fields, a meeting room, concession stand, restrooms and an adjacent playground, KidStation, and Safety Village.

This park contains a 19-acre lake located in the Meadowbrook Lake allotment in the Northwestern part of the City. The lake is available for use by the public with public access off of Hudson Drive, or a small park on Mac Drive and Meadowbrook Blvd. The lake is surrounded by private residences, but fishing is permitted off the public access areas. Swimming by the public is strictly forbidden. There is also a play area, picnic area and basketball courts available.

This 5 acre park is a beautiful shaded tree-covered parcel located on Park Drive off of State Route 59 (Kent Road). The park is ideal for walking, resting, or open play for youngsters. It primarily serves the neighborhood residents in the southwest section of the City.

This 34 acre park, located on the border of Stow and Munroe Falls contains a large play area and playground, lavish hiking trails, a wildflower meadow and lit tennis courts.

An open play field is maintained for pick-up team sports, volleyball, kite flying or Summer activities. A small shelter, with a concrete pad, picnic tables, and modular play equipment is also available. The park site is 2.5 acres on Charring Cross Drive.

A 1.25 acre park site is located at the corner of Dresher Trail and Forest Hill in the Sherwood Acres Development. The site contains a cluster of play equipment and an open play area.

Heather Hills Park is located at 1641 Bobwhite Trail. This park, located in the northeast portion of the Heather Hills development off of Bob White Trail, is an all-wooded area containing 6.4 acres. The site contains play equipment and a walking trail.

7.5 acres located at the end of Timberdale Drive. The land is primarily covered by forests which incorporate several foot and a bike trails that leads to area neighborhoods. A small collection of play equipment serves the youngsters of the area. A small parking area is provided for visitors.

This neighborhood park is located in the Partridge Highlands development off Fishcreek Road. Two sites, one located north (10 acres) and one south (4 acres) off of Wexford Blvd., provide open play areas and hiking

This large 280 acre park houses the Silver Springs Lodge (5027 Stow Road) and Heritage Barn (5238 Young Road) which are available for event rental. Click here for rental information.

The park is infamous for the S.O.A.R. Boundless Playground for children of all abilities. When visiting the park, you will also find Bow Wow Beach, the City’s Dog Park (click here for more information about Bow Wow Beach); lit tennis and basketball courts, baseball and softball fields, outdoor shelters available for rental, and vast hiking and cross country trails.

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