Stow residents are fortunate to have a plethora of special events from which to choose to have “Fun in Stow!” Many organizations within the community offer events just to serve the community, or to support their cause.

FUN IN STOW executes our own special events, and we also collaborate with outside organizations and businesses to bring events to our community. Check out the City Calendar for events in the community that may or may not be sponsored by FUN IN STOW.

FUN IN STOW Major Events

Winter Wonder Palace (2/8/20)

Stow Easter Egg Hunt (4/13/19)

Stow Fishing Derby (5/4/19)

Park-It Market (Yard Sale) (5/4/19)

Stow Pride Festival (6/21 – 7/4)

Stow Fourth of July Parade (7/4/19)

Stow Firecracker Run (7/4/19)

Stow Summer Sunset Blast (8/31-9/1/19)

Citywide Trick or Treat Night in Stow (10/26/19)

Glow with Stow – Holiday Lighting Event (12/5/19)

Santa’s Mailbox (11/28 – 12/18/19)


KSU Aeronautics Fair (9/7/19)

Paw Fest (9/15/19)

Harvest Festival (9/28-9/29/19)

DeBord Halloween Festival (10/5/19)

Stow Halloween Hop (10/25/19)

City & Community Events Calendar

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