Community Service Officer, Ed Young handles many of the tasks performed by the prior Animal Control Officer’s position as well as expanded responsibilities within the department.

Trained by the National Animal Control Association (NACA), Young handles all calls involving domestic and wild animals, with the exception of animal trapping. Sick or injured animals are handled based upon whether they are wild or domestic and lost pets are added to a list maintained by the Communications Division and owners contacted if possible. Additionally, animal complaints from neighbors are handled by the CSO who works to mitigate the problems through personal contact and intervention or citation when the circumstances warrant.

Not restricted to animal control, Young also assists in maintaining the department’s inventory of police vehicles, scheduling and overseeing needed service and repairs and coordinating upgrades and installation of new equipment.

Phone: 330 689-5700

The Partol Division is still divided into three (3) eight hour duty shifts: Day Shift operates from 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM and bears much of the responsibility for interacting with schools, local businesses and banks.

The Afternoon Shift which runs from 3:00 PM – 11:00 PM,  is traditionally the busiest of the three shifts, handling the evening rush hour.

The Night Shift, serving from 11:00 PM – 7:00 AM is best noted for OVI and drug interdiction.

Stow’s K-9 Unit was established in 1994 as a means to augment traditional police services to the community. It rapidly evolved into a highly trained and professional unit. The K-9 Unit’s primary duties are to track and apprehend criminal offenders as well as missing persons, to detect the presence of narcotics, and to provide public demonstrations to increase public awareness and understanding of the nature and function of the unit.  For more information, click here.

The Detective Bureau is comprised of four Detectives and investigates many types of offenses such as Financial Crimes including Identity Theft and Fraud, Burglary and Robbery, Sex Crimes and Child Abuse, drug related offenses and other serious crimes.

Because investigating certain crimes requires a higher degree of technical skill and knowledge, each Detective is trained in a specific area of expertise such as Polygraph, Narcotics investigations, Homicide, Auto Theft, Sex Crimes and Burglary.

One investigator is assigned part time to the Summit County Drug Unit and works to thwart the manufacture and distribution of drugs in Stow. The Drug Unit was recognized by the Ohio Attorney General in 2008 for its outstanding achievements in the war on drugs. The Bureau provides a separate phone line (330.689.DRUG) for citizens to provide anonymous drug tips.
Another investigator is a member of the U.S. Marshal Northeast Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force.

Internal Affairs The Bureau Commander is responsible for investigating complaints upon police officers and other Department employees. Persons desiring to file a complaint on an officer or other police employee must first make a report with a supervisor at the station. This can be done on a 24 hour basis.

Metro SWAT:
 Metro SWAT is a mobile team of police officers from 22 participating political subdivisions which will respond to member communities when special weapons and tactics are needed. The unit consists of 52 highly trained personnel with specific skills in marksmanship, tactical response, containment, deployment of chemical munitions, and hostage negotiations. The team has seven medics, three team doctors and a team psychologist.

Summit County DUI Task Force:
The Summit County DUI Task Force is a diverse county-wide task force with representatives from law enforcement agencies throughout Summit County as well as private organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and Safe Communities.

The Hudson Police Department is the lead agency for the The Summit County DUI Task Force and will serve as the fiscal and administrative agencyfor this year’s grant. Several Stow Officers serve on this task force as Special Summit County Sheriff’s Deputies and work around the county to enforce Ohio DUI (OVI) Laws.

The Training Division is under the command of Lt. Anne M. Stirm and Lt. Jeff Film who coordinate all internal and in-service training as well as managing individual officer’s career tracks and assuring that any training needed outside the agency’s instructor base is scheduled and monitored.

Departmental training is provided by in-service instruction and/or review by department members as well as from outside sources, Some of our officers are trained and certified to instruct in several areas including less lethal force options, firearms, defensive tactics, defensive driving, intermediate weapons training, i.e., OC spray, ASP baton, Taser and Advanced Alcohol Detection and Prosecution (ADAP).

Each year, the Training Division develops a Training Calendar which focuses on skills training for all officers in the department. This calendar furnishes shift supervisors with advance notice to maintain staffing levels on particular dates and establishes a routine schedule of training to follow year to year. Shift supervisors also conduct monthly training with their shift members and cover critical issues such as the vehicle pursuit policy and the use of force policy. This training focuses on procedure, policy and lower level skills training. Outside training is provided by the Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Academy and many other private law enforcement training organizations.

Target Enforcement Areas are streets or intersections within the city where problems have been identified either by citizen complaints or by statistical analysis from report data. These problems may be speeders, drivers not obeying traffic control devices, drivers passing stopped school buses or areas were numerous traffic crashes have been recorded.

The Stow Police Department strongly supports the Ohio Department of Public Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) initiative to enforce seat belt safety through the “Click It or Ticket” Campaign. Drivers stopped for traffic violations will be cited if the officer does not see you wearing your seat belt. If you are stopped, do not unbuckle until the officer approaches and sees that you are wearing your seat belt.

Remember to wear your safety belt at all times and if you are stopped, DO NOT remove your safety belt until the officer approaches and actually sees that you are wearing the belt. If the officer doesn’t see you wearing your seat belt, you WILL get a ticket. As always, please, drive safely.

Traffic Complaint Areas:
Citizens may call the Stow Police Department to request a Traffic Alert for their street or an area where they see a concern that they would like an officer to monitor. These alerts are worked as time allows and may be a main road or a residential side street. Call 330-689-5700 to report a Traffic Alert.

The Stow Communications Center is under the direction of Ginger Hatfield and is staffed by fourteen (14) full-time and five (5) part-time telecommunicators (also known as Dispatchers), who are certified by the National Academy of Emergency Medical Dispatch. Emergency services dispatchers are a dedicated team with a very demanding job. The members of the Communications Center must function effectively in some of the most chaotic circumstances in an emergency and are the first link between the citizens and the safety forces of the City of Stow.  For more information, click here.

The Records Division is staffed with four full-time employees and one part-time employee. This division, under the supervision of Cheryl Black, is primarily responsible for all police department record keeping and associated procedures in maintenance of criminal, confidential and other files.  For more information, click here. 

PHONE: 330 689-5700
FAX: 330 689-5799