The city governments for Stow, Tallmadge and Cuyahoga Falls are collaborating with The University of Akron School of Law to provide citizens with an avenue to resolve conflict with their neighbors. This new venture is called the Neighborhood Mediation Program, or NMP.  The program, which is coordinated by the law directors of each participating city, utilizes Akron Law School students that are trained in mediation.  The students are volunteering their time and talents to provide FREE mediation services for residents of those cities.  Mediation is proven to be an effective way to help neighbors resolve disputes.

Cities routinely receive calls from feuding neighbors. These matters are commonly civil disputes that do not involve the City. The goal of the Neighborhood Mediation Program is to provide neighbors an avenue to resolve issues before matters get out of control. When disputes go on too long, they can create situations that evolve into criminal matters or involve costly legal fees.

The law students are a neutral third party who can facilitate a mutually agreeable resolution. The City is not a part of the discussion, but provides the facilities and schedules the mediators.


Examples of matters appropriate for mediation include disputes of the following nature:

  • Trees and leaves
  • Use of easements
  •  Snow plowing
  •  On-street parking (not otherwise subject to city ordinances)
  • Animals
  • Noise complaints
  • Disposal of rubbish
  • Other basic disputes that affect the health, safety and welfare of the neighborhood


Examples of matters not appropriate for this program include:

  • Pending or potential criminal violations
  • Matters pending in civil litigation
  • Property line disputes requiring a survey
  • Items already acted upon by the referring City


Law students participating in the program have all been trained in mediation and will be able to serve their community with pro bono mediation services and hone their mediation skills.

For more information, contact the Law Department of the City you reside in:

Stow: 330-689-2869
Tallmadge: 330-633-0859
Cuyahoga Falls:  330-971-8190

Check out the Neighborhood Mediation Brochure