City Of Stow Maps

Stow residents may obtain free of charge, customized paper GIS maps (8×11 or 11×17) of their properties or other areas of interest by visiting the City of Stow Planning Dept. Larger wall-sized maps, such as Zoning, Comprehensive Plan, City Reference, etc. are available for $10.00. To request a map please use the contact information below.

Below are links to the most commonly requested City of Stow maps.

General Reference Maps

Printable General Reference Map (8.5×11)
Printable General Reference Map (11×17)
Printable Subdivisions Map (8.5×11)
Printable 2010 Population Map (8.5×11)
Printable Residential Year-Built Map (8.5×11)

Zoning Maps

Ward & Precinct Maps

Summit County Board of Elections Polling Location Lookup
Printable Wards and Precincts Map (8.5×11)

Parks & Recreation Maps
Printable Parks & Hike / Bike Trails Map (8.5×11)
Printable Adell Durbin Park / Hiking Trails Map (8.5×11)
Printable Sancturetum / City Center Trails Map (8.5×11)

Flood Zone Maps UPDATED with 2009 FEMA Data
Printable Flood Zone Map (8.5×11)
Printable Flood Zone Maps (8.5×11 SECTIONS)
FEMA Panels

Other Maps
Printable Fire Dept. Service Districts (8.5×11)
Printable Waste Hauling Districts (8.5×11)
Printable Snow Plow Districts (8.5×11)
Printable Leaf Pickup Zones (8.5×11)

CITY OF STOW GIS  (Geographic Information System)

GIS is commonly referred to as “Computer Mapping,” and although rapid & efficient map production is ONE important aspect, GIS can also be thought of as a Data Management System that “happens to be map-able.” Within GIS, an unlimited amount of information can be tied to map features, allowing map & non-map data queries.

Within GIS, map / data components are separated into “layers.” The City’s primary GIS data layers consist of manmade features such as building footprints, property parcels, street centerlines, stormwater, infrastructure, & zoning, as well as natural features such as elevation contours, streams, wetlands, FEMA flood zones & soils. Secondary layers include sidewalks, bike trails, cell towers, council wards, etc. These data layers (some 40+ ) are also complemented by the use of aerial photos within the City GIS.

GIS enables a wide variety of information, previously scattered and available to only a few individuals, to be consolidated, centralized, and quickly accessed city-wide by staff in departments such as Planning, Zoning, Engineering, Building, Service, Water, Street, Urban Forestry, Dispatch, Police, Fire, and Parks & Recreation. These departments access GIS data via Open Source (no-cost) Desktop Viewers, as well as through Open Source Intranet Servers, saving the City in hardware & software expenses.

While many cities in Northeastern Ohio offer online (external) GIS services, the City of Stow does not believe that these services are presently cost-effective to host.

Additionally, Summit County offers GIS online and for the City of Stow to do so would be an unnecessary and costly duplication of services.

For more information:

Steve Gibbons – GIS Coordinator – (330) 689-2813.



Steve Gibbons – GIS Coordinator
(330) 689-2813