Who Must File and Other Frequently Asked Questions


Stow’s income tax is 2% and is based on qualified wages and business and/or rental net profit.

Earned income such as salaries, wages, commissions, wage continuation plans, deferred compensation, vacation pay, tips, distributive shares of net profits of a partnership or subchapter S corporation, net profit from a business, net rental income, and income from lotteries and games of chance are some of the more common sources of taxable income. Please contact the Income Tax office for a complete listing.

Income such as dividends, interest, military pay, pensions, alimony, child support, Social Security, Medicare, poor relief, unemployment benefits if received from state or local governments, gifts, inheritances, scholarships, involuntary conversions, and all income earned by individuals prior to their 18th birthday. Individuals can request a refund of income tax withheld for the City of Stow on income earned prior to their 18th birthday by contacting the tax office.

All Stow residents and partial year residents, eighteen years of age or older, must file an annual city income tax return, whether or not any tax is due.

Nonresidents of Stow who worked or earned income in the City of Stow and did not have the proper amount of tax withheld (2%) for Stow must file an annual return. Also, any person or entity who operated a business or owned rental property within Stow must file an annual return.

Returns must be filed on or before the later of April 15th following the close of the calendar year or the same filing deadline as the Federal Form 1040; or within four months from the end of their fiscal year. Any tax form that is not signed or does not have W-2’s and/or 1099’s attached or does not have the appropriate Federal Schedules attached will not be considered as being filed until such signature or materials is received at the tax office.

The City allows a credit for tax properly withheld for other city tax paid up to Stows rate of 2%. If you work in a city with a tax rate of less than 2%, you will owe the City of Stow on the difference between the amount withheld from your pay and our rate of 2%. If you work in a city with a tax rate equal to or greater than our rate of 2%, and the tax has been properly withheld from your pay, you will not owe Stow additional tax on that income. As a resident of Stow, even if you owe no tax to Stow, you still must file an income tax return with the City of Stow.

After gathering the needed information; W-2’s, Form 1099-MISC, Federal Schedules C, E, and/or K-1, etc., the City of Stow income tax return can be entered, reviewed, and corrected if needed.  Follow the “PREPARE YOUR TAXES ONLINE” link under the Income Tax Department page.  Once the return is completed and FINALIZED, the tax return is securely transmitted to the Stow Income Tax Department.  If a payment is required, the instructions are posted on the website for making that payment.

City of Stow income tax forms can be downloaded from the Document Center. If no access to a computer, a paper return can be picked up from the City of Stow Income Tax Department located in Stow City Hall at 3760 Darrow Road. Income Tax office hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. Additionally, a form can be mailed to you by contacting the Income Tax office at (330) 689-2849.

Yes. The City of Stow Income Tax Division personnel will assist you either by telephone, mail or in person. The Income Tax Department office is located in Stow City Hall at 3760 Darrow Road. Income Tax office hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. Please feel free to contact the office at (330) 689-2849.