2019 City Council.

Matt Riehl:Ward I, Brian Lowdermilk: Ward III, Sindi Harrison: Ward II, Brian D’Antonio: At-Large, Mike Raser: At- Large, Bob Adaska: Ward IV, Jim Costello: At-Large

President of Council: Matt Riehl
Vice President of Council: Brian Lowdermilk
President Pro-Tem: Brian D’Antonio

Stow City Council meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month.
The meetings are held at 7:00 pm in Council Chambers on the first floor of City Hall, which is located at 3760 Darrow Road.

City Meeting Calendar 
Meeting Minutes and Agendas 
2019 Committee List

2019 Stow City Council Contact Information

Area Name Address Phone
Ward I Matt Riehl 2080 Maple Road 703-2451
Ward II Sindi Harrison 4614 Dresher Trail 283-2308
Ward III Brian Lowdermilk 2536 Samira Road 686-7744
Ward IV Bob Adaska 645 Treeside Drive 968-9730
At-Large Brian D’Antonio 4969 Pebblehurst Drive 676-1100
At-Large Jim Costello 2013 Hidden Lake Drive 807-7316
At-Large Mike Rasor 4312 Eagle Avenue 603-9845