“We have a number of irons in the fire at this time; potential ideas for recreational amenities at the City Center site, and potential funding sources, ” Said Mayor John Pribonic. “The community amphitheater is one of those concepts.”

Renderings of how a community amphitheater would be situated on the site will be forthcoming. Once funding has been solidified for the amphitheater, the City will have a more thorough plan to unveil to the community. To date, funding has been pledged by both community organizations and local businesses.

“I’ve spoken with so many citizens that have expressed the desire for the creation of a vibrant City Center that would become a gathering place for activities and another source of community pride,” said Mayor Pribonic. “As this planning begins, it is our intention to keep our residents informed throughout the entire process.”

The land, located north of Stow City Hall along Route 91, is proposed to be used for a community gathering place that would include an amphitheater and a play trail; (similar to a playground, but built in a linear fashion.) In addition, the space could include a multi-purpose athletic complex. As a special note, the amphitheater would be a privately funded project, for which, approximately $200,000 has already been pledged. The play trail is proposed to have a cost of $250,000 – $300,000. The administration continues to work with potential sponsors for the amphitheater and hopes to have an additional $200,000 secured by the end of May to fund the project in its entirety.

Opportunities for citizens to express their thoughts and ideas regarding the “City Center Gathering Place” will be announced in the near future. City leaders intend to reach out to our volunteer boards and commissions, and members of those groups will survey the community to garner input.

“It is critical that we get feedback from our residents regarding this signature project. I sincerely hope that many folks engage with us so we may move Stow forward together,” said Pribonic.  “We are excited for what the future holds for our City and its residents. Let’s work to build upon our successes and make Stow a destination for residents to proudly call home.”

Additional updates on the planning process will be provided as developments are made.