The City of Stow is hard at work on its City Center Project, a development plan that will create a community gathering space to the site of the former SKIP park and adjacent property.

This new project is an important undertaking for the City of Stow, and we want to make sure it is done thoughtfully and with the community’s best interest in mind,” said City of Stow Mayor John Pribonic. “We are very excited regarding the progress we’ve made. We are all working very hard on the planning and fundraising to make this space a reality.”

The City of Stow conducted a Visioning Workshop in June that helped create a plan for the space. The workshop included members of the Parks and Recreation Board, Arts Commission, Commission on Inclusion, Senior Citizens Commission and several other community leaders representing the school board and Stow-Munroe Falls Community Foundation. At the conclusion of the workshop, approximately 20 people agreed to volunteer on ad hoc committeesThe Playground Committee and the Steering (Fundraising) Committee were formed. The committees have been meeting to discuss their areas of focus.

“We are so appreciative of our community volunteers and the hard work they have dedicated to this signature project,” said Mayor Pribonic.

The Playground Committee is currently researching playground architects/designers, playground planning, equipment and themes. Their mission is “to create a welcoming, safe outdoor gathering space custom-tailored by the community for the community that encourages interactive, healthy play and independence for people of all ages and abilities.” Their next meeting is scheduled for early August.

The Steering Committee is working hand in hand with the administration, and is the key linkage between the City of Stow and the community. They have already acquired approximately $275,000 in pledged private donations for the project. They will also meet to further discuss planning and additional fundraising needs in August. 

All committees will submit final reports and recommendations to the administration in the near future. These recommendations will shape the future of the project as it develops.

Additional input is always appreciated! If you are interested in serving on a SKiP Committee, please contact the Mayor’s Office at Stow City Hall for an application form. 

“We appreciate the public’s continued support on this initiative,” said Mayor Pribonic. “This project is going to bring so much joy to everyone in our community, and we are just as eager to see this completed as our citizens are. It is a project that we can all be proud of!”