The City of Stow recently released the results of the month-long community engagement survey conducted by a third party firm in an effort to better understand the community’s desires as it relates to City communication, messaging and future initiatives.

In May, the City elected to partner with The Impact Group (IGPR), a marketing and communications firm located in Hudson. The City of Stow and IGPR agreed to work collaboratively to engage residents, as well as a diverse set of community stakeholders, in an effort to better understand the city’s challenges, standing and identity within the Stow community and beyond.

In total, over one thousand (1,058) distinct data points were collected through the community listening sessions, online surveys and hand-written surveys.

“We are truly grateful for all of the residents who provided their input,” said Mayor John Pribonic. “We plan to take all of the data into consideration as we begin to prepare for the future of our great City.”

After thorough analysis, breakdown and disaggregation of available data, The Impact Group outlined commonalities represented in stakeholder feedback. Additionally, IGPR prioritized outcomes to best align with available resources while remaining cognizant of time constraints and other factors that might affect strategy implementation.

Trends in the survey showed that respondents felt that the City is a safe place to live with strong safety forces, has a strong sense of community and great community events and traditions.

Respondents frequently mentioned the City infrastructure, lack of unique shopping and dining options and the lack of community gathering spaces or a city focal point as areas of improvement for the City.

When asked what is unique about the City of Stow, a majority of respondents mentioned that they could not identify anything specific as unique to Stow.

“Based on the findings collected in the listening sessions, online and hard copy surveys, it is apparent that respondents feel there is a need to better define a clearer message and brand for the City,” said Pribonic “We look forward to continuing to include residents in this process as we develop the Stow identity.”

The Impact Group will lead efforts in developing a brand identity and messaging for the City. Upon completion, additional meetings will be held to gain community input on the branding options. Additionally, IGPR will assist the city in the implementation of new messaging and a communication plan.

To view the full survey click here.