The City of Stow wants to clean up its streets, and needs the community’s help to do so! The city is organizing Team Up 2 Clean Up Stow, a community trash pickup program.

Formerly known as Hands-On Stow, Team Up 2 Clean Up Stow groups volunteer residents into teams who will then spend time cleaning up the city’s main streets in an effort to beautify the city.

“The City of Stow is working on many exciting initiatives, from road and park improvements to holiday events and much more, so now is the perfect time to bring back our community cleanup program,” said City of Stow Mayor John Pribonic. “We know our residents are passionate about this city and want it to be a beautiful place for everyone, so we are excited to give people this opportunity to get involved and help clean up Stow.”

The city will host three Team Up 2 Clean Up Stow trash pickup events during the year, with the first one being held on Saturday, Aug. 24. Volunteers will be split into teams and each team will pick up trash from an assigned main road. It should take about an hour to walk your assigned location. Each group of volunteers will have a team leader who will coordinate with their team members. To accommodate participant’s schedules, groups will be able to choose the time of their pickup on the designated day.

“We are hoping to have at least 30-40 volunteers to cover all of the main roads in the city,” said Pribonic. “But the more the merrier, so please consider lending a hand!”

Trash bags, gloves and T-shirts will be provided to team leaders prior to the first event. The team leader will disperse to his/her group members.

If you are interested in helping with Team Up 2 Clean Up Stow, please email by July 29, 2019.

Flyer to Share

Fill out participant waiver and email to before July 29, 2019.

Participant Waiver