City has recently received many inquiries about the lake water at Bow Wow Beach, and if it is safe for our fur babies. The City of Stow routinely conducts monitoring of the lake water at Bow Wow Beach. The monitoring is to check up on water quality and to let us know whenever bacteria or algal toxin levels present a potential health risk to those using the facility.

The City of Stow contracts with Aqua Doc for this service, which includes implementation of a Full Season weekly treatment program. This testing and treatment is done to control the nuisance plant growth of the lake on a weekly basis. Aqua Doc has specially trained and licensed aquatic biologists that evaluate and design treatment to fit the lake’s needs.

The lake has been treated routinely this season with an algaecide to deter algae growth. All test results have shown that levels of bacteria and algal toxins are in the normal range. The lake water is considered safe for recreational use.

We will continue to monitor the lake water on a regular basis, and if results show that bacteria and/or algal toxins are trending upward, the park will be closed as a precautionary measure.