The City of Stow has a number of Boards and Commissions that are seated with Stow residents that have an interest in improving the Stow City Government. Residents who serve on boards and commissions do so in a voluntary capacity, and must be an elector of the City.  Appointments are made by the Mayor and confirmed by Stow City Council. For more information, or for an application, please contact the Mayor’s office at 330-689-2800.

Civil Service Commission

Secretary: Debbie Bennington
Members: Sue Figler,  Tim Fenwick,  Rainy Boucher

Income Tax Board of Review

Secretary: Heather Hilliard
Members: Kara Kelly,  vacant council appt.,  vacant council appt.

Parks and Recreation Board

Secretary: Deanna Mihalus
Members:  Houston Morgan (W1),  Christine Sheets (W2),  Bob  Pontius (W3),  Julie Root (Schools)

Planning Commission

Members:  Chris Brauer (W1),  Rich Sprungle (W2),  William Ross (W3),  Jared Miller (W4), Bob Pontius (Parks Board)

Urban Forestry Commission

Secretary: Jill Janson
Members:  Bob Brantsch,  Laura Root, John Berg,  Jeff Saltzman,  John Weedon

Building and Zoning Appeals

Secretary: Mary Botts
Members: Randall Roberts (W1),  Edward Franks (W2),  Robert Knight (W3),  Michael Svasta (W4),

Board of Health of Summit County General Health District

Member: Roberta DePompei

Stow Records Commission

Secretary: Deb Berkey
Members:  Jaime Syx, Law Director, Chairman
John Pribonic, Mayor;  Jim Costello, Finance Director;  Cheryl Black, Records Supervisor;  Robert Hughes;  vacancy

Senior Citizen Commission

Members: Tammy Denton,  Cornelius Robinson,  Phillip Russo,  Mary Ellen Cunningham,  Nancy Welker,  Deborah Luchka

Metro Regional Transit Authority Board

Member: Gary Spring

Commission on Inclusion

Secretary: Teresa McDonnell
Members: Dr. Claire Wilson,  Rose Shur,  Louise Burkett,  Dawn Dolittle,  Bruce Bach,  Ashley Beam,  Bernie Moxley,  Jason Dresden,  Pamela Wind

Stow Arts Commission

Secretary: Deb Berkey
Members: Ginger Bakos, Kristin Casale, Jeffery Datkuliak, Edward Davidian, William Flinta, Sarah Haren, Kimmy Henderson, Michelle Marazzi, Rita Muckensturm, Cherie Schrengauer, Tom Stephan, Kari Suhadolnik, Denise Tonelli (Chair), Lisa Whitacre, Chris Sheridan (Staff Liason)

Cemetary Board

Secretary: Bev Hurst
Members: Keith Redmon,  David Renninger,  Janice Hyne