How are codes used?
  • Codes are adopted as laws or ordinances by Governments such as states, counties, townships, and cities. Once a jurisdiction adopts a code as law, the jurisdiction must enforce that law.
  • Codes become part of the permit and inspection processes. Once a code has become law, Code Officials and Inspectors from the jurisdiction need the code to help their enforcement of the law. Inspections made during construction verify that code compliance has been achieved. Inspections are made during construction to verify electrical, sanitation, structural, fire, and life safety.
  • Codes provide standards for the design, construction, and maintenance of homes and businesses.
  • Codes are used by architects, contractors, builders, and materials manufacturers to ensure safety, economy, and consistency of construction. You, as a homeowner or business owner, have a substantial investment that can be seriously jeopardized through code violations.

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