Block Party Application

General Information: 

Block parties are permissible in cul-de-sacs or short dead-end streets provided no vehicles are used as barriers. 

Block parties are permissible on through streets, provided the street is not barricaded and traffic can flow through.  

No blockage of the street itself can be made.  

Streets can be marked with plastic banners or string, but must remain accessible for vehicular traffic. 

Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in a public space – such as a street. 

Dancing in the street and pedestrian traffic is permissible only in a cul-de-sac with limited vehicular access.

It is unlawful to block fire hydrants. The Block party shall end at DUSK. 

It is necessary to contact the Mayor’s Office (330-689-2800) or 30 days in advance for a Block Party Application.

Block Party Application