Traffic Box Art For Sale

When ordering remember the numbers of the art piece you wish to purchase. 

Stow Art Sale Phase II Brochure (PDF)

Stow Art Sale Phase I Brochure (PDF)

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PHASE II Traffic Box Art

Art in the city took on a whole new meaning this past spring and summer as Stow residents and visitors observed the beautiful updates made to traffic signal boxes throughout the city. The boxes are covered with local artists’ work, many of whom are residents of Stow.  Compliment after compliment came into the City as the boxes were unveiled, and an idea from the Stow Arts Commission was born.

The call went out to each of the “box artists” to provide prints of their unique work, and the Stow Arts Commission is now offering a limited-edition, numbered series of ready-to-frame 8×10 prints, all individually signed by the artists.  The artists who participated in the traffic signal box program unanimously agreed, once again, to donate their art.  All prints will sell for $25 each.

The second and exciting part of this venture is that 100% of the proceeds will go to fund the Stow Arts Commission Grant fund available to any Stow resident.  Details on this new grant to be released soon.

Great idea for any gift-giving reason; give a one-of-a-kind, beautiful piece of Stow-centric art.  It would be an especially meaningful gift for that special someone on your list who “has it all.”

Remember to shop local, support the Arts, appreciate local artists, and empower an artist of tomorrow.