Youth Services

The Stow Youth Services provides alternative rehabilitation for juveniles who have been arrested by local police. This program diverts teens from the Juvenile Court System and provides accountability and assistance to the teens and their parents.

This is a cooperative effort between the youth, parents, and Stow Youth Services staff. Any juvenile who lives in the City of Stow who becomes involved with the police is eligible for referral. Walk-ins are also considered when parents need help providing the proper information to their child. All juveniles are placed on a three-month contract that is closely monitored and given effective logical consequences to abide.

Other programs that are provided are 6-hour Mandatory Parent/Student Educational Groups, Tobacco Education Class, and Safety Town.

Stow Youth Services offer internships every year. Interns complete many hours with Stow Youth Services employees and receive valuable training on this diversion program and learn all facets of this successful program.