Trash Collection / Recycling

Residential Leaf Collection Program

For information on our seasonal leaf pick-up program, visit the Leaf Pickup page.

Residential Brush Drop Off Site

The City of Stow provides a convenient location for STOW residents to drop off their brush yard waste that is the result of yard work done in their own yards. Periodically, this material is ground up by the City and made available to residents as a mulch-type material. The material is also used on City grounds. This program reduces the amount of waste that goes to the landfill. For more information, visit the Brush Drop Off page.

Household Hazardous Waste Recycling Collection

Visit or more information. Please contact ReWorks with any questions about HHW Collection or any other ReWorks services.

Residential Trash & Recycling Collection

Kimble Company was selected by the City as the lowest qualified bidder to provide residential curbside trash and recycling collection for the residents of Stow. This arrangement provides uniformity of service and reduces truck traffic on City streets. The current contract began in September 2019.

If you have any questions or problems with your service, please contact Kimble Companies at 800-201-0005.

Solid Waste and Recycling: All solid waste and recycled materials included in the current subscribed service level will continue to be collected.

Bulk Items: Bulk items will be collected as normal for those residents with full residential service.

Kimble's Cart Program for Containing your Trash & Recyclables

Kimble Company, Phone: 800-201-0005

If you are a current customer of Kimble, you need to know about their enhanced program for all Stow customers. They have distributed recycling carts and trash carts to each customer's residence. Read about Kimble's Cart Program (PDF) and Read Kimble's Easy Recycling Guide (PDF).

Kimble Collection Service Options Includes Recycling

  • Rates Effective September 1, 2023 through August 31, 2024
    • Curbside Refuse and Recycling Pick-up $22.65 per month
    • Curbside Refuse and Recycling Set Back Pick-up: $46.75 per month
  • Includes
    • Residential Waste
    • Recycling
    • 6-Week Leaf Recycling Program (Fall)
    • 6-Week Yard Waste Recycling Program (Spring/Summer)
    • Small Volume Service $4.75 per month
    • Package of 10 Bags $47.52 plus tax
    • Bulk Items without Freon: $53.51 each
    • Bulk Items with Freon: $118.92 each

View the Bulk Items with Freon (PDF).

Bulk items reminder: The city of Stow contract allows customers to place two bulk items out per week. A fee of $45 will be charged for each additional item. Please contact us with any questions or concerns via Live Chat, email at or by phone at 800-201-0005. Visit our website at to enroll in Paperless Billing and Online Bill Pay!

Recycling for Trees Fundraiser

For information regarding tree recycling, view the Recycling For Trees (PDF).

For additional information about recycling, visit the Summit Reworks website.