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City Of Stow Maps

Stow residents may obtain free of charge, customized paper GIS maps (8×11 or 11×17) of their properties or other areas of interest by visiting the City of Stow Planning Dept. Larger wall-sized maps, such as Zoning, Comprehensive Plan, City Reference, etc. are available for $10.00. To request a map please use the contact information below.
Below are links to the most commonly requested City of Stow maps.

You may also want to explore our Interactive Map (GIS) Viewer

General Reference Maps

Printable General Reference Map (8.5×11)
Printable General Reference Map (11×17)
Printable Subdivisions Map (8.5×11)
Printable 2010 Population Map (8.5×11)
Printable Residential Year-Built Map (8.5×11)

Ward & Precinct Maps

Summit County Board of Elections Polling Location Lookup
Printable Wards and Precincts Map (8.5×11)

Parks & Recreation Maps
Printable Parks & Hike / Bike Trails Map (8.5×11)
Printable Sancturetum / City Center Trails Map (8.5×11)

Zoning Maps
Printable Zoning Map (8.5×11)
Printable Zoning Maps (8.5×11 SECTIONS)

Flood Zone Maps UPDATED with 2009 FEMA Data
Printable Flood Zone Map (8.5×11)
Printable Flood Zone Maps (8.5×11 SECTIONS)
FEMA Panels

Comprehensive Plan Maps
Printable 2001 Comprehensive Plan Map (8.5×11)
Printable 2001 Comprehensive Plan Map (8.5×11 SECTIONS)

Other Maps
Printable Fire Dept. Service Districts (8.5×11)
Printable Waste Hauling Districts (8.5×11)
Printable Snow Plow Districts (8.5×11)
Printable Leaf Pickup Zones (8.5×11)

CITY OF STOW GIS  (Geographic Information System)

GIS is commonly referred to as “Computer Mapping,” and although rapid & efficient map production is ONE important aspect, GIS can also be thought of as a Data Management System that “happens to be map-able.” Within GIS, an unlimited amount of information can be tied to map features, allowing map & non-map data queries.

Within GIS, map / data components are separated into “layers.” The City’s primary GIS data layers consist of manmade features such as building footprints, property parcels, street centerlines, stormwater, infrastructure, & zoning, as well as natural features such as elevation contours, streams, wetlands, FEMA flood zones & soils. Secondary layers include sidewalks, bike trails, cell towers, council wards, etc. These data layers (some 40+ ) are also complemented by the use of aerial photos within the City GIS.

GIS enables a wide variety of information, previously scattered and available to only a few individuals, to be consolidated, centralized, and quickly accessed city-wide by staff in departments such as Planning, Zoning, Engineering, Building, Service, Water, Street, Urban Forestry, Dispatch, Police, Fire, and Parks & Recreation. These departments access GIS data via Open Source (no-cost) Desktop Viewers, as well as through Open Source Intranet Servers, saving the City in hardware & software expenses.

While many cities in Northeastern Ohio offer online (external) GIS services, the City of Stow does not believe that these services are presently cost-effective to host, although we are exploring cloud-based solutions as below.

Interactive Map (GIS) Viewer

Additionally, Summit County offers GIS online and for the City of Stow to do so would be an unnecessary and costly duplication of services.

For more information:

Steve Gibbons – GIS Coordinator – (330) 689-2813.



Steve Gibbons – GIS Coordinator
(330) 689-2813